Leveraging Social Media For Logistics Sales Growth

By building a solid personal brand, engaging actively with content, and leveraging targeted outreach, sales reps can enhance their effectiveness and drive sales growth.

Feb 27, 2024

Sales Patience - The Misconception

Realistic expectations help sales professionals navigate the highs and lows of the sales process, ensuring that they remain focused and motivated, even when immediate results are not visible.

Feb 26, 2024

Negotiating Value Over Price

Whether the market is booming or facing a downturn, learn how to maintain your competitive edge, motivate yourself to sell, and forge partnerships with reliable and honest clients.

Feb 13, 2024

Self-Belief: The Secret Sauce In Freight Broker Sales

Exploring how self-belief acts as a fundamental component in the success of freight brokers. Delving into the psychological aspects of sales, the importance of confidence and resilience.

Feb 07, 2024

Sales and Marketing in Freight Brokerage: A Strategic Overview

Explore the strategic showdown between sales and marketing in freight brokerage. Uncover insights on collaboration, innovation, and strategies for driving growth in the logistics industry.

Jan 31, 2024

Freight Broker Training Pays Off – Discover the Earnings Potential

But what sets apart a successful freight broker from the rest? The answer lies in specialized training that hones skills and significantly boosts earnings potential.

Jan 24, 2024

Protect Your Customers: 3 Crucial Steps in Freight Broker Training

a simple yet effective approach that involves asking three fundamental questions. By focusing on these questions, you can ensure that your clients stay with you for the long haul.

Jan 10, 2024